Choose Your Attitude

Whenever there is a time you feel as though you are going through, perhaps waiting for a situation to turn around or reality just isn’t quite matching up to your expectations, stop and check the temperature of your attitude. Choose the attitude that Jesus would have. Philippians 2: 5 

As you wait in the unknown, hoping that things change and bounce back to normal, it is important that you remain still and know that God has released his comfort and rest. Psalm 46:10. God is our help and strength in this time of trouble in our Nation. Psalm 46:1 

Your wait may seem longer than you desire but God brings  rewards to those who patiently wait and seek Him. Lamentations 3:25. Waiting and being patient means that you must be willing to wait without feeling annoyed, anxious and restless. Although you may not like your circumstances, choosing to stand with a good attitude is far better than lashing out with frustration, deliberately choosing to be stubborn or having a negative attitude. Remember that every day is an opportunity to be happy. Philippians 4:12 

Whether you’re waiting looks like you not giving up on that friend you’ve prayed will receive Jesus in their life or waiting for your Driver’s Permit. Some of you may be challenged in the area of constantly waiting on your siblings to finish in the bathroom or waiting for your parents to give you permission to have a sleepover. Perhaps there’s been a time when you’ve asked permission to go to the Friday night football game and it’s Thursday night and your parents have not yet given you an answer. Whatever your wait may look like, make a choice to choose your attitude and be happy! 

In the middle of the chaos and confusion right now with COVID 19 you can still choose your attitude. Reflect on things during this time that make you happy. Your EPIC homework assignment for this week is to make a list of five (5) things that makes you happy or even put a smile on your face. Take that list and post it somewhere that you know it’ll be seen every day. That’s your reminder that you are making a choice to be happy and encouraging you to smile despite the wait. 

It’s not always easy waiting but as you practice, watch God work! James 1:4. Choose to use this time of waiting as an opportunity to grow. You will be perfected as you learn. Every trial or situation that you face, wait or endure, allows God to build character in your life. Let God’s patience do a work in you! 

Choose to be happy! You have a choice!

Epic Student Ministries
Cherita Johnson – Ministry Team

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