Clarity Over Confusion

Say this with me Young Person, “Clarity Over Confusion…”

Dear Young Person,

My prayer for you during this #Covid19 is that God truly gives you clarity over confusion. I believe the Lord is actively working in your life; yes, even right now during the Coronavirus fuss! I believe that as you stay focused on the Lord, the Holy Spirit will aid and help remove any clutter you have. So, random thought Young Person, did you know that I, “Pastor Chandler,” do not like clutter? The reason why is because it literally sends my brain into a frenzy and it is hard for me to focus and remember what is on my mind that I need to do, or was about to do. Now, of course, this is customized to my makeup, my personality, and how I am wired. See teenager, when I am doing anything that requires a lot of focus or cognitive energy, I try my best to make sure that the setting and the environment I’m in is a focused atmosphere, so that I can work with clarity.

Young Person, as you embark upon moving forward in this time, my faith is that you see the power of the Holy Spirit as a tool to help you work with clarity. As you dive into E-Learning and navigating in this time, God has new things and open doors for you! However, the only thing that can stop you is clutter. This clutter may have come from past relationships or negative vibes, but that doesn’t even matter. The Holy Spirit wants to help you declutter your soul. Don’t you lose your focus Young Person!  

Young Person, get ready for more! God is sending blessings upon blessings for you yes, still in this year, but you have to be focused enough to see it. Imagine better possibilities coming your way! See yourself through and out of the clutter that may have trapped you in the past. I declare clarity over your life and that you may see and know clearly that God is good and GOOD all the time! 

Epic Student Ministries

Pastor Chandler Bailey- Youth Pastor

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