God’s Last Word Stands

I want you to think about a time you asked your parents to go somewhere when you may have been younger or even now. Let’s say you asked them to go skating and they tell you yes. As it gets closer to the day or time for you to go, you may start getting anxious and ask your parents again, “Are we still going skating?” Your parents may respond and say, “What did I tell you already?” They’re not asking you this question because they forgot what they said, they are asking this question because they’ve already given you an answer and they expect you to remember what they told you. With everything going on with coronavirus, God is asking that question to you. “What did I tell you already?” The answer to that question is in Psalms 91:7-8 (Message Version),

“Even though others succumb all around, 

drop like flies right and left, 

no harm will even graze you. 

You’ll stand untouched, watch it all from a distance.”

God wants us in remembrance of His word, not fear. With all the current news stories, it can be easy to be distracted from what God said. You have to guard and be particular about what you listen to and watch regularly. The more negative you hear, the easier it is for you to lean towards the negative. You have to keep what God says in your ear. God is basically saying we are untouchable when it comes to the things the world may be attacked with. We’ll see it happening all around us,  but it will not touch us because we believe God’s word. The next time you start to get in fear of something happening around you, hear God asking you, “What did I tell you already?”

Epic Student Ministries
Lindsay Jenkins – Ministry Team

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