It Starts With You

When you think about a big game such as a championship, Superbowl or NBA Finals, we can almost rest assure the two competing teams and the individual players on that team put in countless hours to earn their position to be there. 

Isn’t it great to know that God already went to all the scrimmages, practices and took all the L’s (losses) for us, just so that we can land the title as a winner? We already got the W (win) yall! 

To be a winner, you must possess a certain type of mindset, confession, and stance. I like to think more of it as playing our position. In order to be ready for the shift God is preparing us for as a nation, we as believers have to get into position and remain confident. 

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living 

Psalm 27:13 NIV

We have to LAY IT ALL (our agenda’s and desires) at God’s feet. We are to live as citizens who reflect the Good News about Jesus Christ (Philippians 1:27 GW). 

Don’t let your opponents or the enemy of(COVID-19) intimidate you in any way (Philippians 1: 28 GW)

The Word of God says, “Every knee shall bend and every tongue will declare allegiance to God” (Romans 14: 11 NLT). God is wanting everyone to take their very own personal account of their lives. What part do you play in the harmony and unity of bringing someone to the awareness and acknowledgment of Jesus Christ our Lord? Stand up, be loyal, be committed, and be bold for the Kingdom of God. It starts with you! Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example for the believers in speech (your confession), in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity ( 1 Timothy 4: 12).

God wants us to be confident and remember that He created good things here on Earth to enjoy. This world is His world, this land is His land and He will protect everything in it, including you, His children. As a church family, Bishop has prophesied that this year of 2020 will be the year of the SUPERNATURAL. In my spirit this week I was reminded that this is the time more than ever for God to take divine, supernatural precedence over our Nation as He shows up and shows out! Signs, wonders and miracles are SUPER needed right now in our NATURAL (land of the living), so watch God do both, ALL FOR ONE, AND ONE FOR ALL 😊!

As I listen to a praise and worship song we all have heard, by Brian Courtney Wilson- I’ll Just Say Yes, I want to ask you, what is God asking you to say yes to? What is it that you have been putting off or putting on the back burner as the older folks would say  (Laughing Out Loud)? Think about what it is that you are finally ready to give to God and say, Lord, I lay it at your feet, have your way.  

The words to the song say, “ I’ll just say yes. This life you gave is not my own. I am trusting you to hear my yes and lead me on. Yes Lord, yes Lord, my life is yours. There is peace when we say yes. You may not see it now, but God saves the best, for all who trust and obey; there is an answer, no more delay!” Let those words rest in your spirit and take some time to think.

Check this out. I have a scenario for you. When someone unexpected shows up at your door and knocks or rings the doorbell; you are not clear behind the reason of their visit, right? Why? The answer is because they were unexpected. Even though you did not know why they showed up, you still answered the door and acknowledged them, hoping to find out exactly what it is that they need.

God wants you to acknowledge his knock. No, you may not be fully aware of what it is that He desires of you or what He has been trying to speak to you about, but your willingness to answer is all that He asks of you. 

God is waiting for you to bring it all before him. He is ready to set you free from whatever it is, I mean WHATEVERRRRR (Laughing Out Loud) 😊 !

Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s a small world.” It’s funny how we use that phrase in context but the actual phrase itself is not accurate (Laughing Out Loud). The world we live in is humongous. The circumstances that surround us can seem even more monstrous. What’s really cool though students, is that on top of all of that you’re just as big and important in the eyes of God!

You hold a HUGE part to play in the change that is needed in the world! God loves you for you! He loves you just where you are! Young people, all the promises of God in Him are YES and AMEN but remember, His yes starts with you! Just say YES. He’ll lead the way, so students no more delay 😊! 

Stay Blessed! #GoEPIC

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